Electric Motor Enhancement Stuff


We make magnet alignment easy with our custom made jigs. We have also redesigned the motor housing completely so you can experiment with your own magnet configuration and size. We can also take your design and turn it into a reality. All products are made on a CnC machine.





Shipping included for all orders in the continental USA!

When we watch the video on the "StarGate Motor" we asked if they would show us how to recreate it and if we could buy the magnet alignment jig from them and we didn't get a response. So, we took liberty to figure it out on our own and now we are passing the knowledge on to you. This alignment jig can be purchased from us very inexpensively!


We have tested this modification and it works, guaranteed!





Compatible DC Motor
Name Brand


Model Number 970.621
Where to buy
Specific Link to Motor
  Number of Magnests and Link to page
4) 2"x1"x1"
16) 2"x.25"x.25"


All items made from stacked 3/4" material.




MDF Alignment Jig







HDPE Alignment Jig





Shipping included for all orders in the continental USA!


Replacement Motor Housings


What you are looking at here is a way to get rid of the original motor housing for the Leeson 970.621 so that you can use your own magnets. This replacement housing will support up to 6, 4"x1"x1" magnets!


We can also design a housing for your specific needs at a very low cost!


New housingNew housing1


New housing2







New housing3


MDF Replacement Housing





New housing5


HDPE Replacement Housing